OpenJaw and ANA releases advanced Order Management & Servicing for NDC Partners

Dublin, Ireland, 16th August, 2021 – OpenJaw Technologies, the leading travel technology provider and All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s 5-Star airline, announced the release of multiple new order management and servicing capabilities to help trade and business partners sell and service ANA NDC offers more effectively to customers. 

Multiple new trade partners, with wide distribution reach, have also been enabled by ANA using OpenJaw’s t-Retail NDC Platform.  

“This is a major milestone in our airline retailing journey and we are proud to have ANA as a partner. In collaboration with ANA, we have added extensive servicing and new order management capabilities to help our airline partners deliver a seamless customer experience beyond the initial dynamic offer creation and shopping”, said Pankaj Gabba, Vice President of Product Strategy, OpenJaw Technologies.              

Latest Order Management enhancements include:

  • Support for non-homogenous Orders (a single order with multiple host PNRs). 
  • Partner commission and incentive capabilities, including calculation and settlement, as well as recall of payments (servicing).
  • Enhanced notifications framework with rules-based triggers for customer notification.
  • Enhanced rules-based NDC OrderChangeNotifRQ messaging for sending order updates to sellers.
  • Flexible Payment models including direct payment (e.g. credit card payment) and indirect forms of payment (e.g. BSP/ARC CASH).
  • Integration with IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) for payment, reporting and settlement via BSP and ARC. 
  • Reporting of all transactions via BSP including credit card transactions authorised via a third-party PSP.
  • Delayed Payment with intelligent NDC Payment Time Limit capabilities.

Latest Order Reshopping and Servicing enhancements include:

  • Voluntary Flight Refunds and Changes
    • Flight Delete and Refunds
    • Flight Reshopping and Changes – Date, Time, Route, Fare Brand and Cabin  
    • Add / Delete a Flight Segment
  • All Voluntary Changes can be made for
    • All passengers or some passengers within the Order
    • Complete journey or part of the journey 
    • Both unconsumed and partially consumed/flown itineraries
    • Includes Netting
  • Voluntary Ancillary Refunds and Changes
    • Add ancillaries to an existing Order
    • Ancillary Delete & Refunds based on Airline Business Rules 
    • Ancillary Reshopping and Changes based on Airline Business Rules 
    • Change Ancillaries on their own and while changing flights 
    • t-Retail OMS also allows ancillary rebooking at a later stage than flight rebooking. Original ancillary value is retained and automatically utilised based on Airline business rules and only the fare difference is charged.
  • Airline Waiver Code support for Involuntary Change Scenarios.
  • Reporting and Settlement of all servicing transactions including additional collections, refunds, commissions, incentives and more.

ANA and OpenJaw continue their collaboration and NDC journey with new distribution partners, dynamic offers and enhanced customer services.