Our mission is to enable retailing excellence for airlines.

OpenJaw helps its airline partners accelerate their transition to retailing excellence by enabling a truly differentiated omni-channel experience spanning offer, order, settlement, and delivery.

A proponent of broad omni-channel retailing techniques, OpenJaw enables airlines to seamlessly sell the full range of travel products.


OpenJaw t-Retail is a one-stop travel platform that enables you to optimise revenues, margin, and customer experience across the full itinerary.

t-Retail Digital

Increase your revenues with our advanced, customisable booking engine. Retail across all devices with a dynamic, responsive booking flow. Sell flights and all air and non-air ancillary products in a single shopping cart experience, with fare families, calendar shopping, and multiple payment capabilities.

t-Retail NDC

t-Retail NDC is OpenJaw’s industry leading IATA certified product, which enables you to enhance your distribution capabilities with greater flexibility and control. Using t-Retail NDC, you can take advantage of additional ancillary revenue opportunities, as well as significant distribution cost savings

t-Retail OMS

Our sophisticated Offer & Order Management System comprises AI-driven offer optimisation, advanced shopping, merchandising, order management, and servicing – enabling you to take control of your distribution strategy across all direct and indirect channels.

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