Multi Channel Dynamic Offer & Order Management


What is t-Retail?

Our powerful retailing platform in online travel. t-Retail delivers unrivalled capabilities in Dynamic Offer management.

Offer & Order Management System

Offer Optimisation and Order Control

Our sophisticated Offer & Order Management System comprises AI-driven offer optimisation, advanced shopping, merchandising, order management and servicing – enabling you to take control of your distribution strategy across all direct and indirect channels.

Supplier Marketplace

Connect to Multiple Sources of Integrated Supply

Take charge of your ancillary revenue – t-Retail’s Supplier Marketplace is fully integrated with established partner suppliers – PSSs, GDSs, Hotel Chains, Bed Banks and Aggregators, Car Hire, Activities and Events.

NDC Distribution

Supercharge Your Distribution Strategy

Join a growing community of the world’s leading airlines benefitting from the most advanced set of NDC capabilities available in the market today.

t-Retail API

Take Back Control

Our t-Retail API empowers your agency or design team to easily build comprehensive selling flows at speed across channels and devices using our fully stateless, powerful front-end API.

Digital Experience

Fully Responsive Web App

Increase your revenues with our advanced, customisable travel booking engine. Retail across all devices with a dynamic, responsive booking flow. Sell all air and non-air ancillary products in a single, visually compelling, shopping cart, with fare families, calendar shopping and multiple payment capabilities.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Supercharge Creating High-Volume, Highly-Scalable Platforms

Partnering with AWS means OpenJaw have a scalable, secure, highly available, performative and cost effective and solutions. Using AWS, OpenJaw can deliver stateless architecture, auto-scaling groups and container technologies automatically calibrate all solutions for the traffic volumes.

Core Capabilities

Full Retail Capabilities


We provide our customers unparalleled power to improve yield by offering more of the travel itinerary within direct channels. The Offer & Order Management System puts business users in control of pricing, inventory and promotions through dynamic bundles and cross-sell.

Dynamic Pricing

Personalised Offers

Flight Ancillary Bundles

Dynamic Holiday Packaging

Upsell and Cross-sell

Promotional Offers

Retail Administration Console

Flights are typically just one element in a full itinerary of travel products. Our sophisticated Rules Engine gives your team control over how the flight, and all partner ancillaries, are priced, presented and serviced across the customer journey.

Pricing Pipeline

Air Ancillary Manager

Car Manager

Hotel Manager

Activity Manager

Power your Loyalty Benefit


Offer a broad portfolio of rewards that have the ability to motivate and change behaviour. Use t-Retail to deliver a compelling redemption shop for the full travel product catalogue – for cash or miles – including other airline partners. Earn revenue on redemption bookings and support all redemption pricing models.

Dynamically Price Any RBD

Cash & Miles

Multiple Forms of Payment

Full Itinerary of all Travel Products

Rules Management for Accrual and Redemption

FFP & CRM Integration

Customers using our technology

Transforming airline retailing with NDC

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