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DUBLIN, November 20 2019OpenJaw revealed a slew of new customers, platforms, product and partnership initiatives at its annual Global Travel Summit.

New Customers – TAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal has selected the OpenJaw t-Retail Platform to provide its New Distribution Capability (NDC) capabilities. TAP will be able to connect with multiple partners via NDC as well as dynamically create tailored and optimised consumer offers. In addition, the airline will have the capability to deliver a full retailing experience across all channels and to all their channel partners.

“We are proud to be chosen by TAP Air Portugal as its preferred NDC partner,” said Kieron Branagan, CEO OpenJaw Technologies. “The IATA NDC standard allows airlines to transform the way they sell their products by addressing the industry’s current distribution limitations.

OpenJaw is an IATA NDC and IATA ONE Order Strategic Partner with Level 4 NDC Certification. We are committed to transforming airline retailing through the use of NDC standards and to create a community of NDC enabled airlines. OpenJaw is looking forward to our collaboration with TAP to deliver a leading edge NDC retailing solution with the t-Retail Platform.”

New Airline Customers in China

OpenJaw Technologies announced three new airline customers in China: Shandong Airlines, Air Guilin and Genghis Khan Airlines.

Shandong Airlines, headquartered in Shandong Province, China, has a fleet of 124 aircraft, flying to 60 domestic and international destinations such as India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Shandong Airlines selected the OpenJaw t-Retail Platform to create a complete retailing platform for domestic and international bookings. Shandong has partnered with OpenJaw and TravelSky to roll out the platform for Full Flight Selling, including air and non-air ancillaries, Manage My Booking and dynamic packaging.

The OpenJaw t-Retail Platform will allow Air Guilin to cross-sell of a range of non-air products such as hotel and insurance into the booking path. Air Guilin is based out of Guilin, China, flying to 22 destinations in China with 11 aircraft. 

Genghis Khan Airlines is a start-up airline headquartered at Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China. The airlines has three aircraft and confirmed orders for another 25 and launched its first flights in July 2019.

Kieron Branagan, CEO OpenJaw Technologies, said of the new customer airline wins: ‘OpenJaw Technologies has gained significant traction in the world’s fastest-growing and largest travel market – China. There are now thirteen Chinese airlines using our t-Retail platform. The Chinese airline industry has embraced airline retailing as part of their commercial strategy, and OpenJaw are proud to be part of this revolution in the Chinese Aviation market.

OpenJaw announce NDC Level 4 Certification

OpenJaw Technologies has been granted NDC Level 4 Certification for its t-Retail NDC Platform under the International Air Transport Association’s NDC Certification Program. NDC-Capable Level 4 Certification is currently the highest-ranking certification available for IT vendors who are developing NDC solutions for the airline industry. OpenJaw is now Level 4 certified on both NDC 18.1 and 18.2. OpenJaw is now Flights and Air Ancillaries certified with Full Offer & Order Management capabilities for Flights and Ancillaries.

“We are proud to have achieved IATA NDC Level 4 Certification for the OpenJaw t-Retail NDC Platform,” said Kieron Branagan, CEO OpenJaw Technologies. “OpenJaw has been an IATA NDC Partner since the inception of the program, as well as being an IATA ONE Order Strategic Partner. OpenJaw is committed to advance both the NDC and ONE Order industry standards through collaborative efforts with other industry participants”.

“By achieving IATA NDC Level 4 Certification as an IT vendor, OpenJaw Technologies enables airlines to redefine their distribution strategy by enabling full servicing and product differentiation in the channels of their choice”, said Yanik Hoyles, Director Industry Distribution Programs, IATA.

OpenJaw new product announcements

Announcing OpenJaw t-Data Blueprint

OpenJaw t-Data is a Customer Data Platform designed specifically for the travel business. OpenJaw t-Data Blueprint has all of the individual components needed to build a customer data solution in the airline industry. The components of Blueprint span three key areas; data management, data science and infrastructure. Blueprint accelerates customer data, analytics and machine learning initiatives to accelerate travel brand in-house efforts and make customer data initiatives successful.

Announcing OpenJaw t-Data NDC Analytics

The new OpenJaw t-Data solution for NDC called NDC Analytics that provides the data intelligence, technical foundation and full API integration needed to integrate with the t-Data Customer Data Platform.

Announcing OpenJaw OpenSearch 3.0

OpenJaw has launched OpenSearch 3.0 – a massively scale shopping engine; OpenSearch already has 32 million daily searches with lightning fast 1.5 second response times, proving extremely cost effective for NDC’s high look to book environments. OpenSearch 3.0 has a large installed base across major airlines and online travel agents as well as flight and availability information for 682 airlines.

OpenJaw New Partnerships

ATPCO Partnership

Partnering with ATPCO by joining the ATPCO NDC Exchange. This will enable OpenJaw to activate our clients’ NDC API connectivity to the exchange, giving them access to sellers around the globe connected to the exchange

NDC Exchange is a community platform created by ATPCO and SITA that enables API connectivity between airlines and sellers using New Distribution Capability (NDC), an XML-based data transmission standard set by IATA. NDC Exchange enables NDC API format translation for any party (GDSs, travel agents, aggregators, online travel agencies and travel management companies) on a neutral, cost-effective basis.

Kieron Branagan, OpenJaw CEO: ‘OpenJaw is partnering with ATPCO by joining the ATPCO NDC Exchange. This will enable us to activate our customers’ NDC API connectivity to the exchange, giving them access to more than 100 sellers around the globe connected to the exchange. The ATPCO NDC Exchange will bring lots of benefits to OpenJaw’s customers by removing the necessity to have a large number of direct connects’.

Jonathan Savitch, Chief Commercial Officer said: ‘ATPCO welcomes OpenJaw to the growing NDC Exchange family. NDC Exchange continues to gain momentum and OpenJaw’s participation will only accelerate the benefits of this platform for our mutual airline and distribution partners.  ATPCO values its longstanding partnership with OpenJaw, and now with their expertise and market leading insights paired with ATPCO’s trust, reliability and scale, new innovation can be delivered for this industry changing solution.’

 15below Partnership

OpenJaw Technologies and 15below have joined forces to give passengers a new innovative way to access vital information during a travel disruption. With this new collaboration, 15below will inform passengers of changes to their flight status, inviting them to connect with their airline via OpenJaw’s advanced AI-driven automated agent to resolve queries or issues – in real-time.

OpenJaw t-Social is a fully automated conversational interface platform to engage directly with airline customers through automated servicing and ancillary product offerings. t-Social uses advanced AI, machine learning and natural language processing to communicate with customers across Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Twitter as well as an airline’s website Instant Messenger.

The collaboration between OpenJaw and 15below draws on the best features of both solutions to provide real-time, personalised responses with zero queues, zero waiting times and no language barriers. OpenJaw t-Social responds directly to consumer queries using AI, and the integration with 15below’s platform enables t-Social to offer relevant, hyper-personalised responses. The result is a revolutionary offering which leaves passengers informed, no matter the time or day, and limits the stress associated with trying to obtain information during a travel disruption. An additional key benefit for an airline is the opportunity to offer unique, personalised upsell opportunities, such as upgrades and ancillary products.

Speaking about the new partnership, OpenJaw Technologies’ CEO Kieron Branagan, said, “The advanced AI capabilities of OpenJaw t-Social, combined with the unique passenger information available through the 15below platform has created a truly revolutionary offering which quickly and painlessly offers passengers the information that they need at the exact time and on the channel that suits them.”

Nicholas Key, CEO at 15below said, “Since 2000 we have worked with some of the world’s busiest airlines, sending 1.8 million notifications every day to passengers on their behalf. And while we reduce the need for costly call-centres to handle calls from passengers with additional requirements, there will always be customers that need a little more help. That’s why we were thrilled to find such a strong synergy between the 15below platform and the OpenJaw t-Social platform.”

Key continued, “These days passengers rightly have very high demands when it comes to customer service and airlines and airlines are now expected to be accessible 24/7. But the potential for travel companies to generate significant revenue, as well as the opportunity to collect additional contact information from passengers that have booked through third parties makes using OpenJaw t-Social powered by 15below a very compelling opportunity.”

OpenJaw customers include the world’s biggest travel brands: All Nippon Airways (ANA), British Airways, TAP Air Portugal, Cathay Pacific, Hainan Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Comair, Iberia, Aeroplan, Loyalty One, Asia Miles,, Shenzhen Airlines, Air Guilin, Four Seasons, Avis, Shandong Airlines, Color Line, Tibet Airlines, China United Airlines and Hong Kong Airlines. OpenJaw is a subsidiary of TravelSky Technology Limited, the dominant provider of information technology solutions for China’s aviation and travel industry. OpenJaw has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Galway (Ireland), Madrid (Spain), Kraków (Poland), Hong Kong and Dalian (Greater China).

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