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Sept 4 2019 – London: OpenJaw Technologies today announced a new airline customer, Shandong Airlines.  OpenJaw now has ten Chinese customers using OpenJaw platforms such as OpenJaw t-Retail, t-Social and t-Data. Existing customers include Hainan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, China United Airlines, Travelsky GDS, Tibet Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Chengdu Airlines.

Shandong Airlines, headquartered in Shandong Province, China, have a fleet of 124 aircraft, flying to 60 domestic and international destinations such as India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Shandong Airlines selected the OpenJaw t-Retail Platform to create a complete retailing platform for domestic and international bookings. Shandong has partnered with OpenJaw and TravelSky to roll out the the platform for Full Flight Selling, including Air and Non-Air Ancillaries, Manage My Booking and dynamic packaging.

Kieron Branagan, CEO OpenJaw Technologies, said of the new customer wins: ‘OpenJaw Technologies has gained significant traction in the world’s fastest-growing and largest travel market – China. There are now ten Chinese airlines using our t-Retail platform with an additional two more airlines to go live by year-end. The Chinese airline industry has embraced airline retailing as part of their commercial strategy, and OpenJaw are proud to be part of this revolution in the Chinese Aviation market.

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