Covid-19 Resources for Travel Brands

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has important implications for travel brands and their customers. On this page you will find resources for airlines, hotels, cruise lines, loyalty programmes, tour operators, online travel agents and other travel professionals.   

Here at OpenJaw, we have tried to add to some of the incredible resources that are already available to create one location where you can start to plan the recovery. We will add to this on a regular basis.

OpenJaw supports IATA and their ICAO Council’s Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) aimed at providing practical guidance to governments and industry operators to restart the aviation sector and recover from COVID-19. Safe air travel is the mainstay of the travel industry across the globe.

The Centre For Pacific Aviation (CAPA and Phocuswire have some tremendous resources that should be regularly checked out.


Six Steps to Creating a Customer-Centric Strategy for Airlines
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