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TravelSky GDS has a distribution network of over 70,000 sales terminals across 8,000 travel agencies linking directly to Global Distribution Systems with 137 commercial airlines, covering more than 400 cities.

With the growth of the TravelSky customer base, the volume of calls coming to the customer service team to the call centre was growing exponentially. Managing these daily requests was very costly, repetitive and time sensitive. By implementing the OpenJaw t-Social Chatbot, Travelsky GDS were able to reduce the load on their customer agents and allow them to focus more time on important or complex requests.

With OpenJaw t-Social, TravelSky reduced the influx of requests, complaints and chats that had put enormous strain on their customer service team by automating commonly asked queries using an AI-powered conversational interface.

OpenJaw t-Social has delivered the following to TravelSky GDS:

  • An all Chinese language AI Engine & agent console
  • A conversational interface that is trained to answer the most common questions
  • An agent escalation system for questions the AI-powered cannot answer

Find out more about how OpenJaw t-Social allowed Travelsky to save time, reduce workload, provide consistent and faster response times.

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