Seven challenges for airlines in 2020

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Seven challenges for airlines in 2020

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The primary need of an airline customer is organising a trip, not buying a flight. Savvy airlines are beginning to sell a full spectrum of offers related to the trip and by doing so, they provide convenience and value that ultimately enhances the customers’ travel experience.

Use these insights when putting together your 2019 business plans over the coming months.

The Seven Challenges for 2020 Include:

  1. Recognising the asymmetrical threat from tech titans.
  2. What can we learn from Big Tech?
  3. Don’t Start with trying to be the Amazon of Travel.
  4. Understand the effect of aviation lagging behind Consumer Adoption of Technology.
  5. Conversational Interfaces: your New (Digital) Employee.
  6. NDC – no longer a messaging standard.
  7. Look for opportunities to build-in co-creation. In other words, design for an ecosystem.

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