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Dynamic Pricing

How to Optimise your Pricing Strategy

The two separate concepts of ‘seat inventory’ and ‘price’ have been a fundamental element of the airline business for decades. This has led to airlines continuing to create customer offers by applying predetermined static price points to limited allocations of inventory.

These inefficient legacy airline pricing processes create significant duplication of effort, and result in lost value.

For customers, pricing lacks transparency and relevance, and very often results in outcomes that do not match willingness to pay. For airlines, the current model is inefficient and complex and creates a disconnect is created between the airline’s intention and the pricing result.

By ‘knowing’ the customer and having the ability to determine ‘willingness to pay’, airline can price the offer accordingly.

Join Dr. Beibei Flynn, Programme Manager, Openjaw, for this 20 minute webinar on ‘Dynamic Retail Pricing – How to Optimise your Pricing Strategy’.

Dr Flynn will discuss:

  • How to adapt a data-driven approach to pricing strategies for product and product bundles
  • How to creating Contextual and Relevant Offers
  • The Three elements to creating a dynamic offer management system
  • How airline customers can have an improved shopping experience, better loyalty and an enhanced customer’s lifetime value
  • …and much more!

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