From Conversational Interface to Conversational Intelligence

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A maturity model framework for great customer experiences

Today, conversational interfaces, such as messaging services, automated agents and chatbots, are used by billions of people around the globe. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data science are now integrated to make the experience better for users and the benefits to travel brands even greater.

In this book. we will look at how to apply a maturity model for conversational interfaces that you can apply to your own roadmap for adoption. Using this maturity model, you will understand how to design a conversational interface for your business that will both create and capture value for you and your customers, while also looking at some examples of how airlines can frame their approach to conversational intelligence.


  • How chatbots are changing the face of customer experience in travel
  • Case studies: implementation in action
  • Your Conversational Interface Checklist

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