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Just like a physical retail experience in a shop, amazing digital experiences start with seeing the world through the eyes of the consumer. Creating amazing digital experiences forces travel retailers to think about how their consumer goes through the process of buying. This means taking all the touchpoints that a travel consumer can interact with and make consistent, seamless and friction-free.

Why are consumers demanding more sophisticated digital experiences?

Simple: the impact of mobile combined with the impact of the changing customer journey in travel. At OpenJaw, we call it the ‘New Customer Journey’.

Today, the travel consumer is much more accustomed to engaging with new digital through their mobile device – right across this new customer journey. From tablet to mobile phone to browser, back to mobile and so on….you need to create digital experiences that map to where your consumer is.

For travel retailers, this is not the only reason to shift to a new world of great digital experiences. Great digital experiences mean reaching a larger audience and provide a consistent experience on as many devices as possible.

OpenJaw Digital Experience drivers the following:

  • Higher margin products being purchased
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher basket amounts
  • Increased loyalty due to less friction the booking flow

Creating great user experiences are the foundation of what we strive to do with OpenJaw  Digital Experience. The core Digital Experiences Principles OpenJaw employ mean that you can seamlessly integrate and try out new visual elements as quickly as possible.

OpenJaw Digital Experience means that you can continue upgrading your user experience with each iteration by experimenting with A/B testing. For example, you can switch on and off components for different audiences, implementing the one with the best conversion results. Test different urgency messaging (‘4 users looking at this hotel’) or strikethrough pricing (‘save 10%’) to build a library of conversion related components.

OpenJaw Digital Experience has been created to future proof all your investments in creating great consumer experiences.


Get up and running within hours with our config and styling


Extend and customise the UI framework


Maintain or mix and match your in-house DX by integrating directly to the t-Retail API

You can get started today with our ‘off-the-shelf’ DX. Once you have proven results, you can extend and customise your user experience framework.  Finally, once you have reached a level of maturity, you can mix-and-match with your own in-house digital experience, and integrate directly with the OpenJaw t-Retail API to create your own digital experience.

For the Users

  • Mobile First Design in-line with user behaviour
  • Dynamic Bundling capabilities allow your customers to instantly create personalised holiday packages that combine multiple travel products for a single price.
  • Unrivalled Connectivity to any hotel, car or destination activity
  • Omnichannel – consistent DX across any device or platform

For the Travel Retailers

  • A component-based framework that allows you to swap and test pieces of the system you to swap and test pieces of the system easily
  • Complete control of content, product inventory and preferred supplier contracts. For example, create branded fares and dynamic bundles to create more value for customers
  • Boost conversion rates with a selection of calls to action e.g. ‘combine and save’ offers and ‘low price guarantees’
  • Styling separate from functional code allows you to tweak look and feel without affecting functionality
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