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DUBLIN, Ireland — Sept 4, 2018: The Aviation Festival, taking place in London from 5-7 September 2018, has become one of the biggest aviation conferences in the world, with over 120 airlines attending from around the globe.

The Aviation Festival takes place over three days, the first day featuring several summits on everything from Marketing to China, Artificial Intelligence, Distribution, Loyalty and Payments. Alongside the conference, the travel technology exhibition will showcase retail innovation and technology for airline and loyalty brands. The 2018 Aviation Festival is in it’s 15th year, and will host over 3,000 attendees, 250 speakers, 150 exhibition booths, 150 presentations and 22 roundtables.

One of the biggest challenges facing airlines is how to manage the stream of data that they have, and how to transform their business to become truly data driven. Data enables personalised customer actions to establish a long term relationships with each customer at numerous touchpoints throughout customer journey.

During the IAR China Summit of the Aviation Festival, Dr John Carney, Chief Data Scientist, OpenJaw Technologies, will be speaking about ‘How Chinese airlines can supercharge their big data strategy to boost profits’. Dr Carney will explain how technology provides airlines with a treasure trove of data, how Chinese airlines have access to some of the best passenger data in the world and how Chinese airlines are using this data to increase margin, revenue and profits.

Another big challenge facing airlines today is a fundamental change in their relationship with customers. The rise of digital, and, in particular, social media, has meant that customers are increasingly connected not only with the business, but with other customers, friends and like-minded communities. Airline customers are just as likely to connect with and be guided by other customers as they are to be influenced directly by an airline. There needs to be a fundamental rethink of how airlines interact with customers, and understanding this interaction opportunity can be better understood through a framework called the ‘New Customer Journey’.

Despite the opportunity of the New Customer Journey, the airline industry continues to struggle with the concept and practice of retailing. During the Retail stream of the Aviation Festival, Bryan Porter, Chief Commercial Officer, OpenJaw Technologies, will be showing airlines how they can create and capture value right across the travel customer journey, enhance the customers’ travel experience and drive additional revenue.

  • Session Name: ‘How Chinese Airlines can Supercharge their Big Data Strategy to Boost Profits’
    • Date and Time: Wednesday, 5th Sept, 15:15 – 15:30
    • Stream: IAR China Summit
    • Speaker: Dr John Carney, Chief Data Scientist, OpenJaw Technologies


  • Session Name: ‘Creating and Capturing Value Right Across the Travel Customer Journey’
    • Date and Time: Friday, 7 Sept 14:20 – 14:40
    • Stream: Retail
    • Speaker: Bryan Porter, Chief Commercial Officer, OpenJaw Technologies

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