OpenJaw t-Retail NDC and AWS

OpenJaw t-Retail NDC and AWS

Creating High-Volume, Highly-Scalable Platforms

The OpenJaw t-Retail NDC Platform is a high-volume distribution system, so all our customer solutions have to be scalable, secure, highly available and cost effective. The sheer size, scale and global nature of our NDC programmes mean that there are huge throughput and massive volumes. OpenJaw’s large-scale, multi-year and multi-vendor projects are complex, with complex integration requirements and multi-country collaboration between multiple development teams.

Partnering with AWS means OpenJaw have a scalable, secure, highly available, performative and cost effective and linked up across the globe. In addition, OpenJaw can deliver a great customer experience that enables individual airline users to access the systems and information they needed to do their job, regardless of their location, department, or level of technical knowledge.

OpenJaw has worked with AWS to deliver stateless architecture, auto-scaling groups and container technologies automatically calibrate all solutions for the traffic volumes. This optimises for flight demand by responding dynamically as demand returns and traffic levels increase.

OpenJaw builds its architecture to take using AWS System Architects to validate architectural decisions and make specific suggestions on the best ways to achieve our aims – particularly on using AWS for development, testing, and deployment.

Using AWS Elasticsearch means OpenJaw to rely on data for:

  • Performance of the NDC API (for example, throughput, response time).
  • Performance of third-party suppliers such as Skyscanner
  • Access to an error dashboard that was reliable.

OpenJaw t-Data and AWS: Creating Identity Resolution

OpenJaw t-Data Identity Resolution is a configurable, modular toolkit designed to accelerate your in-house customer data initiatives. With OpenJaw t-Data Identity Resolution, an airline’s in-house development team can access a collection of customer data management and data science assets on AWS Marketplace. These have been designed to accelerate development and shorten time-to-market so that you can realise business value much quicker than with home grown assets alone.

OpenJaw t-Data Identity Resolution modules align with the core capabilities of a customer data solution such as a CDP, MDM or CRM system, spanning identity resolution, customer lifetime value modelling, propensity modelling and data warehousing.

Data storage in AWS S3

The Identity Resolution algorithm consumes a dataset stored in AWS S3 that meets the schema requirements set out in the documentation and the results are delivered to another location in AWS S3 specified by the user.

AWS Elastic Map Reduce

The Identity Resolution algorithm is highly scalable, leveraging the power of AWS Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), along with Apache Spark for elastic scalability.

Billing and AWS EC2

Identity Resolution Billing is based on the type of EC2 instance used, the number of instances in the EMR cluster and the time the program is run for, based on a per hour rate. Your development team can start small and incrementally grow their investment in the product.

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