• Customers choose the channel, you deliver the experience

Present your customers with a single, seamless experience across all channels with t-Retail – the most complete travel retailing platform available.

Discover t-Retail for Airlines, OTAs and Loyalty Programmes

Key features

Retail with a World Class IBE

Increase your revenues with the most advanced, customisable booking engine in travel. Sell all air and non-air ancillary products at higher margins with visually compelling fare families, calendar shopping & multiple payment capabilities. Create branded fares & dynamic bundles to create more value for customers.

Airline Loyalty

Offer a broad portfolio of rewards that have the ability to motivate and change behaviour. Use t-Retail to deliver a compelling redemption shop for the full travel product catalogue – for cash or miles – including other airline partners. Earn revenue on redemption bookings and support all redemption pricing models.

NDC-Standard Distribution

IATA NDC-standard distribution presents the same content-rich propositions for agency and corporate channels, and generates personalised product offers in response to agent shopping requests.

Business Intelligence

t-Retail’s powerful Business Intelligence tools continuously records everything about a booking. Anticipate trends and behaviour so you can turn information into insight & analytics into action.

Powerful Marketing Tools

t-Retail’s Promotion & Acquisition Manager allows airlines to deliver promotions and offers. Create specific, tailored landing pages with relevant dynamic content to maximise conversion. Use multi-variate testing to A/B test the best converting offers.


Drive conversion with data driven merchandising for personalised recommendations and promotions by using the profiling tools.  Discover and organise customer segments for smarter targeting and personalisation.

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