Create and retain strong online relationships with your customers

The OpenJaw t-Retail Platform helps hotel groups, hotel chains and other leading accommodation providers forge and maintain strong online relationships with customers through the principles of t-Retailing. By owning customers from inspiration through to conversion and beyond, you will benefit from increased revenue, greater customer loyalty and reduced distribution costs.


  • Own your customers through a centralised and complete retailing solution
  • Provide a seamless, compelling online shopping experience for your customers that encourages them to book directly on your website, for products inside and outside your property (e.g. rooms, spa treatments, meals, transfers and excursions)
  • Leverage your own and user generated content (such as photos, videos and ratings) on your website and through multiple distribution channels defined by your business
  • Target specific customer groups and Points of Sales
  • Unlike other vendors, OpenJaw provides HTNG based distribution integration and OTA based XML-API which help you save significantly on your distribution costs
  • Create your own content-rich, targeted promotions with real-time pricing
  • Extend your brand’s reach by leveraging social media channels for inspiration, discovery and sharing

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Set your business apart from competitors by controlling what you sell and where:

  • Market-leading rules engine enables fine-grained, real-time control of price, allocations and Rate Plans.  Increase yield by marketing in channels that convert
  • Benefit by biasing inventory and packaging products to increase profit
  • Manage distressed inventory
  • Business executives can directly control business model without programing knowledge or IT support
  • Expand your reach into additional markets with the platform’s multilingual, multi-currency, multi-payment capabilities

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Maximise conversions by employing proven travel retailing techniques such as:

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