Become a complete travel shop


The t-Retail Platform provides a complete online retailing platform empowering Airlines to sell any travel product in a seamless shopping experience.

The t-Retail Platform for Ancillaries opens up extensive new revenue opportunities for high margin ancillary product selling for airlines worth an estimated $32.5 billion market (2011). It enables consumers to discover and book a diverse range of products, sourced from a multitude of suppliers including hotels, car hire companies, insurance, destination activities, events, transfers etc. all under the airline brand.


The t-Retail Platform for Ancillaries


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A single platform approach

The t-Retail Platform is a complete platform for the retailing of all products from Air, Car, and Hotel, to activities, insurance and other ancillaries.  The integrated, single platform approach provides a seamless user experience for customers, across their entire online journey.

Within the t-Retail Platform’s technology foundation are powerful Business Intelligence and Analytics tools that continuously monitor success.  The platform records every event in relation to every booking.  These are referenced and easily accessed for advanced analysis, testing, optimisation and on-going innovation.

Because the t-Retail Platform is a single integrated platform for all B2C, B2B and Corporate/Agency needs for selling flights as well as extensive list of high margin ancillaries, Airline Ancillary Managers can avoid integration challenges across different vendor solutions.

What’s more, you can reduce infrastructure costs and quickly add new functionality across different channels.
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