From Promise to Delivery: Lessons from NDC Rollouts


IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative is pushing the travel industry to transform the way airline tickets are sold by enabling more control over distribution, content, and offers. NDC gives airlines greater control over its content, speed to market and the flexibility to react to the market.

But what can we learn from the rollout of NDC initiatives? Both OpenJaw and Skyscanner have been actively involved with NDC since the inception of the programme and are Level 3 NDC certified.

OpenJaw and Skyscanner have specific, hands-on expertise in NDC rollouts.

During this NDC webinar, you will discover and understand the full checklist for a successful NDC rollout: teams, tools, tests, training, environments and analysis. And, of course, ‘softer’ skills required: partner management, project management and communication platforms needed for successful implementation.

With this webinar, you will get a real sense of what setting up an NDC programme means in practice for an airline and understand the challenges, difficulties and issues.

What we are NOT going to talk about is the standard NDC information you can find anywhere. This is the true nuts-and-bolts of what an NDC rollout means from those who have the experience of rolling out NDC programmes: OpenJaw and Skyscanner.

Brian Lewis, CTO, OpenJaw Technologies, David Scannell, Product Manager, Skyscanner, and Colin Lewis, CMO, OpenJaw Technologies, will guide you through this in-depth NDC webinar.

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