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Key features

Air & Ground Ancillary Merchandising

Data-driven merchandising of all air and ground products enables you to intelligently service more of the customer need. Market-leading connectivity supports your supply model, providing access to preferential pricing and unique supply.

Inventory Management

t-Retail has unrivalled connectivity to any hotel, car or destination activity. Differentiate your OTA offering through direct control of content, product inventory and preferred supplier contracts.

Dynamic Bundling

Dynamic Bundling capabilities allow your customers to instantly create personalised holiday packages that combine multiple travel products for a single price. Use great call to action “Combine and Save” offers and “Low Price Guarantees” to boost conversion rates.

Omni-Channel Storefronts

Choose from a fully customisable, responsive storefront (IBE) that supports sales and servicing across all channels, or develop your own shopfronts using t-Retail Platform Tribe API.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition functionality such as sharable promotions, optimised landing pages, SEO-friendly URLs and browseable content hierarchies drive traffic to your storefronts.

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