OpenJaw Technologies powers Openjet’s Low Cost Airline Search Engine

Posted: August 11th, 2003

Dublín, Ireland, 11 August 2003

Recently launched is using OpenJaw’s technology to provide independent consolidation between Europe’s low cost airlines. It supports searching through to booking of over 500 flights daily to more than 70 airports on multiple low cost airlines.

Openjet’s unique advantage is in allowing travelers to combine flights from one or more low cost airlines, to create complex itineraries covering city combinations not supported directly by a low cost airline. In addition, the customer can book all flights in one step without having to visit the individual airline sites to make their bookings. OpenJaw’s innovative middleware technology, xDistributor, forms the technology backbone of this unique solution.

Pat O’Shea, Managing Director, Openjet said “OpenJaw’s end-to-end XML product suite has enabled us to develop our business with innovative technology that offers greater reliability, shorter development times and reduced cost of ownership compared to more traditional technology. Our plan today is to add four more airlines by the end of the year and using OpenJaw’s software we know that this can be achieved quickly, easily and cost effectively.”

Sean MacRoibeaird, OpenJaw’s Chief Architect said “xDistributor’s advanced data translation engine allowed us to quickly develop OpenTravel™ Alliance (OTA) XML interfaces to Europe’s low cost airlines. xDistributor’s XML switching and aggregation provides simultaneous search against these airlines and its XML Rules Engine puts Openjet in control of their business, determining which suppliers receive a request, filtering and sorting responses.”

xDistributor, with its integrated Business Rules Engine, allows websites to simultaneously search multiple suppliers, aggregate the responses and apply business rules to reflect business relationships. It allows travel companies to adapt quickly to changing market conditions without programming changes. Additional suppliers can be added easily, quickly and cost effectively and different sets of rules can be applied to each supplier and each distribution channel.

Notes To Editors:

About OpenJaw Technologies

OpenJaw Technologies is a leader in delivering high performance travel distribution solutions to the global travel industry. Our solutions enable the world’s leading travel companies to market, distribute and sell their online travel offerings in a differentiated way.

OpenJaw’s solution portfolio includes the xDistributor Integration Platform and Business Rules Engine that enables travel supplier integration, distribution channel management and dynamic packaging; xRez: a highly customisable Internet Booking Engine; xRezAgent: a sales and servicing platform for call centre agents; xLocation: a location data and hierarchy management application; xHotel: a content, mapping and inventory management system for accommodation and xEvent: a content and inventory management system for events and destination activities.

OpenJaw is a member and active participant of the Open Travel™ Alliance.

OpenJaw Technologies is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with a regional office in Madrid, Spain.

About Openjet:

Openjet Ltd. has applied advanced web technologies to create, a website which allows travelers to create and book flight itineraries from a combination of low-cost, no-frills airlines. Founded in 2002, Openjet Ltd. is based in Cork, Ireland.

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