OpenJaw Technologies powers Galileo’s Service Fee Calculation & Management Tool

Posted: May 24th, 2004

Galileo enables agents to streamline service fee calculation and collection.

Dublin, Ireland & Langley, UK- 24 May 2004

Galileo International, a leading global distribution services (GDS) company and subsidiary of Cendant Corporation (NYSE:CD), today announced the launch in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australasia of a new collection of tools that will enable Galileo’s travel agency customers to more effectively manage the calculation, processing and collection of service fees.

At a time when supplier commission rates are falling agents are under increasing pressure to demonstrate additional service value to their customers and to apply and manage service fees associated with this extra value. Galileo has been working closely with its customers to understand these changes. Working with advanced business rules engine technology from OpenJaw Technologies, Galileo has developed a collection of tools which allow agents to add service fees seamlessly into the travel booking process and automate their collection and management.

The tools represent a truly end-to-end solution that will replace the current manual calculation and collection process and will leave Galileo connected agencies with more time to spend on taking bookings rather than managing back-office processes. To put this in perspective, an agent making 50 bookings a day may take approximately 1 minute per booking to calculate a service fee manually, depending on the complexity of the fee and the rules involved. In this example, the total daily manual process could take as much as 50 minutes to complete.

These same 50 bookings using the Galileo solution would take approximately 50 seconds to complete, with each service fee calculation returned in less than a second*. This equates to a time saving of approximately 49 minutes per day, representing a 98% reduction.

Having calculated & applied the fee, the solution from Galileo also enables agents to report the service fee via the current Billing Settlement Plan (BSP) process for collection and settlement with the credit card companies, ensuring improved cash flow.

*Depending on Internet Service Provider.

Notes to Editors:

About OpenJaw Technologies

OpenJaw Technologies is a leader in delivering high performance travel distribution solutions to the global travel industry. Our solutions enable the world’s leading travel companies to market, distribute and sell their online travel offerings in a differentiated way.

OpenJaw’s solution portfolio includes the xDistributor Integration Platform and Business Rules Engine that enables travel supplier integration, distribution channel management and dynamic packaging; xRez: a highly customisable Internet Booking Engine; xRezAgent: a sales and servicing platform for call centre agents; xLocation: a location data and hierarchy management application; xHotel: a content, mapping and inventory management system for accommodation and xEvent: a content and inventory management system for events and destination activities.

OpenJaw is a member and active participant of the OpenTravel™ Alliance.

OpenJaw Technologies is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with a regional office in Madrid, Spain.

About Galileo International

Galileo International is a global technology leader. Its core business is providing electronic global distribution services for the travel industry through its computerized reservation systems, leading-edge products and innovative, Internet-based solutions. Galileo is a value-added distributor of travel inventory dedicated to supporting its travel supplier, agency and corporate customers and, through them, expanding traveler choice. A subsidiary of Cendant Corporation and part of Cendant’s Travel Distribution Services Division, Galileo is headquartered in Parsippany NJ,and has offices worldwide.

About Cendant Travel Distribution Services Division

Cendant’s Travel Distribution Services Division is one of the world’s largest and most geographically diverse collections of travel brands and distribution businesses. The division, employing nearly 5,000 people in more than 116 countries, includes: Galileo, a leading global distribution services (GDS) company, serving more than 43,000 travel agencies and over 60,000 hotels; hotel distribution and services businesses (Trust, THOR, WizCom and Neat Group); leading travel agencies (Cheap Tickets and; Shepherd Systems, an airline market intelligence company; Travelwire, an international travel technology and software company; Travel 2/Travel 4, a leading international provider of long-haul air travel and travel product consolidator; and Travelport, a provider of online global corporate travel management solutions.

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