• Create the most compelling redemption shop with the most complete travel retailing platform available

A powerful travel redemption platform, giving your members easy access to personalised travel rewards, sourced from your unique product catalogue and deeply integrated with your CRM.

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Key features

Air & Ground Product Redemption

Easy integration with your suppliers enables you to offer a range of travel rewards to your customers. The t-Retail Platform connects to your travel accumulation partners directly and integrates their products into the redemption shop.

Dynamic Pricing

Redemption pricing engine supports any model including Fixed, Zone / Zone Extra, Transparent and Opaque. Dynamic Pricing varies price according to demand, providing unrivalled access to any travel reward with no blackout periods.


Data-driven merchandising enriches your unique knowledge of your individual members and enables you to predict, offer, recommend and promote the right products to drive redemption rates.

Profile & CRM Integration

t-Retail integrates with any in-house or third-party CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and loyalty accounting platform, enabling you to power member accounts, redemption payments and servicing.

asiamiles“Hotel and car rental award redemptions are among the most popular with our members who now enjoy the streamlined redemption process and instant confirmation. Since the platform launch in October 2014, we have seen a nearly 10 fold increase in miles redeemed.”

Michael YungHead of eProduct & Technology Planning

Discover how Asia Miles benefits from a 10 fold increase in miles redeemed

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Why OpenJaw?

OpenJaw brings unique capabilities to meet the challenge of transforming travel brand into travel retailers. Over the past two decades, OpenJaw Technologies has been the front runner in creating travel technology solutions for brands such as Avis, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Kulula.com, Sichuan Airlines, Four Seasons, AIMIA, Asia Miles, Aeroplan, Travelsky and many more.

OpenJaw t-Data also includes a team of data scientists, PhDs and travel experts to guarantee the best and most comprehensive solution in travel.

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  • “We Know Airlines” Amadeus. Sabre. ATPCO. NDC. – We get it
  • We transform airlines into Travel Retailers
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