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Blockchain and the Travel Industry: The Emperor’s New Chains

Since Bitcoin first appeared in 2008/2009 and solved digital currency’s seemingly intractable ‘double spend’ problem (how to stop someone using the same digital ‘coin’ twice without a central issuing authority or bank) people have been looking for the next ‘killer application’ for the technology that made it possible: Blockchain. Bitcoin’s crypto-currency magic has fuelled the […]

Digital Transformation for Travel – your how to guide

Digital Transformation for Travel – your how to guide. Every business that started before the Internet now faces the same challenge: How to transform to compete in a digital economy? And most travel brands started a long time ago – especially airlines! OpenJaw asked author and professor, David Rogers, the globally-recognised leader on digital business […]

OpenJaw launches AI Conversational Chatbot – OpenJaw t-Social

Dublin – May (15-5-2017): Just ahead of its Global Travel Tech Summit in Dublin’s Mansion House, May 24/25, OpenJaw Technologies has announced details of a partnership with Dublin based startup, Ludex, to create a groundbreaking, Conversational Chatbot, exclusively for airlines, loyalty programmes and online travel agencies, which is powered by IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence. Ludex is […]

How Airlines can acquire an Innovation Mindset

We live in an age of technological acceleration where new ideas, new channels and disruptive technologies appear to be coming at us exponentially faster. The two most commonly cited answers to the challenge of dealing with the resulting shortened product and technological lifecycles is to ‘disrupt yourself’ or to ‘innovate more’. Both are two sides […]

OpenJaw Technologies delivers significant IATA NDC Capabilities & support to the ONE Order vision

Cathay Pacific Embraces OpenJaw as NDC Vendor, IATA welcomes OpenJaw with ONE Order Strategic Partnership & Level 3 NDC Capability Dublin, Ireland – 1 March 2017: OpenJaw Technologies, the leading supplier of innovative e-commerce retailing solutions for airlines, loyalty companies and OTAs, today announced significant progress on the International Air Transport Association (IATA) programmes. The […]

What does a Digitally Transformed Airline look like?

Airlines worldwide are experiencing significant change because of the spread of new digital technologies, the emergence of disruptive business models and the advent of asymmetric competitors. Many of the assumptions and rules of operating an airline in the pre-digital era are no longer valid. The rise of digital technologies represents both a threat and an […]

The Fundamental Drivers of the Future of Travel

Most people reading this can remember what they were doing 10 years ago. But 10 years ago, the Apple iPhone had only just launched. It did not really make an impact initially as the cool kit was the Blackberry Pearl. The number of people with broadband in the world was less than 300 million. Now […]

What we can all learn from China in the Year of the Fire Rooster

Chinese New Year: Understanding China in the Year of the Fire Rooster This weekend marks Chinese New Year, called the ‘Spring Festival’ in China. Many millions of Chinese people travel back to their families in the provinces to celebrate the festival, the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. Starting from 28 January, celebrations will […]

OpenJaw Technologies given highest level of IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC) certification

DUBLIN, IRELAND — 04 January 2017 – OpenJaw Technologies, a TravelSky company, today announced that that it has achieved Level 3 New Distribution Capability (NDC) certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Level 3 certification is the highest level of certification offered by IATA. The NDC Standard transforms the way users shop for travel […]