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The Airline Retail Revolution – Part 2

The Nuts and Bolts of Airline Retailing Welcome to Part 2 of The Airline Retail Revolution in which we examine the challenges and the opportunities of retailing and discover best practice from best-in-class airline retailers. To review Part 1 of this series please follow this link: The Airline Retail Revolution – Part 1 Part 2 […]

The Airline Retail Revolution – Part 1

The concept of ‘retailing’ is fuelling a revolution in how travel is purchased. Airlines have modelled themselves on classic high-street retailers and their sophisticated merchandising techniques to add value to the passenger and to improve profitability. But the real challenge is that airlines are still selling with a traditional airline mind-set, and have not embraced […]

Deconstructing Big Data for Travel

We are witnessing a shift that will completely transform travel. The term given to this shift is Big Data and it will change everything, from the way we travel to the way we interact with travel suppliers to our experience at airports. No matter what part of travel you are involved with and no matter […]

OpenJaw and Routehappy Team Up to Enhance Flight Shopping via Integrated Platforms

Integration will enable greater merchandising capabilities for airlines by delivering NDC-enabled distribution of dynamic pricing and offers matched with targeted rich content NEW YORK and DUBLIN – AUGUST 23, 2017 – OpenJaw and Routehappy today announced a partnership that gives airlines access to greater merchandising capabilities by enabling them to match personalized offers with targeted […]

The next 10 years of Airline Distribution

The coming decade will herald a tectonic shift in the mechanics of airline distribution, breaking the shackles of outmoded inventory and reservation management and embracing new retailing technologies acting in service of the consumer throughout the journey. Over the next two to five years, we’ll continue to see a gradual erosion of the dominance of […]

Blockchain and the Travel Industry: The Emperor’s New Chains

Since Bitcoin first appeared in 2008/2009 and solved digital currency’s seemingly intractable ‘double spend’ problem (how to stop someone using the same digital ‘coin’ twice without a central issuing authority or bank) people have been looking for the next ‘killer application’ for the technology that made it possible: Blockchain. Bitcoin’s crypto-currency magic has fuelled the […]

Digital Transformation for Travel – your how to guide

Digital Transformation for Travel – your how to guide. Every business that started before the Internet now faces the same challenge: How to transform to compete in a digital economy? And most travel brands started a long time ago – especially airlines! OpenJaw asked author and professor, David Rogers, the globally-recognised leader on digital business […]

OpenJaw Technologies teams up with Dublin-based start-up, Ludex, to deliver Artificial Intelligence Conversational Chatbot for Global Travel Industry

Dublin – May (15-5-2017): Just ahead of its Global Travel Tech Summit in Dublin’s Mansion House, May 24/25, OpenJaw Technologies has announced details of a partnership with Dublin based startup, Ludex, to create a groundbreaking, Conversational Chatbot, exclusively for airlines, loyalty programmes and online travel agencies, which is powered by IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence. Ludex is […]