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Ancillary and omnichannel retail resources for modern airlines and travel companies

seven airline challenges in 2018

Seven challenges for airlines in 2018

Learn how savvy airlines are enhancing the customers’ travel experience and how digital and technology is impacting every aspect of the airline.

The Definitive Guide to Airline Retailing

The definitive guide to airline retailing

Airlines are exploring new types of travel services to add value to their customers and improve profitability, but they are selling these services with a traditional airline mind-set.
With a retailing model, airlines can flip this on its head.

How To Use Big Data For Airline Growth

How to use Big Data for airline growth

We are witnessing a shift that will completely transform travel.
No matter what part of travel you are involved with and no matter what job you work in, Big Data will transform it. Learn how.

Watch: The funnel approach to airline retail

The pace of technological change might be fast, but travel businesses remain structured for linear growth, not really assets to maximise growth. Bryan Porter explains how we navigate this increasingly complex landscape to take back control.

Watch: Demystifying Big Data for Travel

Learn the three primary types of analytics applied to big data today as we describe exactly how to start your ‘Big Data’ journey from data to insight, from descriptive to propensity models, and defining your next best action.

Watch: The Funnel Approach To Airline Retail

Learn how savvy airlines are enhancing the customers’ travel experience and looking at the customers’ journey to drive additional revenue.