OpenJaw Technologies announces partnership with VAYANT

Posted: November 29th, 2011

Connects to VAYANT OneSearchTM to provide airlines with a competitive alternative to inflexible flight shopping solutions

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OpenJaw Technologies, a global leader in delivering online retail technology and services to the travel industry, today announced extensive new flight shopping capabilities of the xDistributor Platform Internet Booking Engine (IBE). Unlike other vendor offerings, all aspects of flight shopping (i.e. calendar/flexible search, fares pricing, availability, taxes, surcharges, schedules, branded Fare Families and up sell) are fully supported without sending a single message to a Global Distribution System (GDS). This advanced IBE is aimed at providing airlines with full control, major cost reductions, improved yield and effective brand promotion. The advanced flight shopping capabilities have been enabled by VAYANT Travel Technologies OneSearchTM fares pricing and shopping engine.

The xDistributor IBE seamlessly handles the complexities of airfare search and shopping, and delivers unrivalled levels of retail channel control and flexibility to the business. A comprehensive set of capabilities are independently delivered without expensive calls to a GDS, thereby greatly reducing the cost of flight shopping.

Access to worldwide multi-carrier inventory facilitates faster calendar searches and minimizes pre-booking stage failures, thereby improving conversion and customer satisfaction. This also enables airlines to effectively sell flights of code share, interline and alliance partners.

The xDistributor Platform flight shopping capabilities include:
• Fast and accurate “flexible dates” search with branded (Fare Family) calendar and other displays
• Fares pricing – full Fares and Rules implementation (ATPCO)
• Worldwide, multi-carrier availability
• Taxes (IATA) and surcharge calculation, schedule updates (OAG)
• Branded Fare Family offering without a need to update millions of fares
• Flight Up Sell (Fare Family and Cabin)
• Multiple flight display options

The xDistributor Platform is now the most advanced single retail platform for all flight, hotel, car rental, dynamic packages, redemption and other ancillary selling. As a comprehensive retail platform, xDistributor enables customers to introduce new functionality allowing them to effectively address key business problems, unlock additional opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

“Flight shopping solutions provided by legacy players have cornered the flight shopping market for some time. With the world of airline distribution rapidly evolving there is now an economic imperative to decouple fares shopping from the traditional GDS model,” said Kieron Branagan, CEO, OpenJaw Technologies. “Our agreement with VAYANT demonstrates our commitment to advancing in this market and delivering more choice and better value to airlines”.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with OpenJaw, a global leader in travel distribution technology,” said Brian Clark, VAYANT’s CEO. “With the latest xDistributor IBE including VAYANT’s OneSearch airfare shopping engine, two great technologies are now integrated to bring online travel retailers unrivalled search results and revenue capture capabilities, at a lower distribution expense.”

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About Openjaw Technologies:

OpenJaw Technologies is a global leader in delivering online retail technology and services to the travel industry. OpenJaw enables Airlines, Hotels, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Loyalty Programs to easily market, promote and sell their products online – in ways that enhance the brand experience.

The xDistributor Platform powers all OpenJaw’s solutions, delivering unrivalled levels of business control, supplier connectivity and flexibility. xDistributor enables dynamic packaging, business rules management, ancillary selling, redemption booking, intelligent promotions, call centre sales and servicing, content and contract management, customer profiling and reporting. OpenJaw’s solutions unlock benefits such as market differentiation, increased profitability and greater customer engagement.

Some of the world’s leading travel companies number among OpenJaw’s customers, including: British Airways, Etihad, KLM, Air Miles, Hyatt, Aeroplan and SAS. Headquartered in Dublin Ireland, OpenJaw has regional offices in Galway, Madrid, Frankfurt and Dallas – in addition to representation in Moscow. OpenJaw Technologies is a member and active participant of the Open Travel™ Alliance, CASMA, TTI and HTNG.

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