13 Takeaways from New Gen PSS Barcelona 2017

Last week our team were at the Flight Global event in London ‘New Generation of Airline Passenger Service Systems‘.
It was a great event which gathered together the global leaders in Airline Travel to discuss the latest industry developments.
Our own Paul Byrne and Marc McDonald pulled together their key takeaways from the two days below.
We have tried to attribute the source for each takeaway. Apologies for the ones we missed. Let us know in the comments.

  1. Asia Pacific is the largest passenger service system market with 1.4 billion PBs of the total 3.9bn PBs per annum.
  2. Airline research company T2RL predicts 2-3 year LCC PB growth of 12%, hybrid carriers 9% and Full Service Carriers 5%.
  3. Airline new distribution capability and One Order are catalysts for passenger service system transition to a new architecture. Inventory and pricing will sit externally.
  4. To charge or not to charge for global distribution system distribution (vs direct connect)? The panel favours the carrot and not the stick.


    Image c @PDerArslanian

  5. Travelers want a great experience and consumers think in terms of journeys – Data is currency.
  6. Data is a tool to create better journey-centric experiences.
  7. If airlines are not putting customers first, having aeroplanes is irrelevant!
  8. Airline systems complexity has a negative impact on business agility. Cost of change is colossal say easyJet.
  9. Once an airline passes the threshold of trust, they can accelerate their retailing strategy.
  10. 86% of customers do not find it easy to compare airline offers.
  11. Airline customers don’t see channels – they see brand touchpoints and want a frictionless experience.
  12. Technology that enables consistency of product across all channels to all partners is key for airlines.
  13. Perception of service vastly higher if passengers are informed of disruption before they leave home. They can find other solutions.

Overall it was a great conference and we are looking forward to next year.
What were your takeaways from the event?


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